Democrats have opportunity to participate in the process.

Kansas can be a lonely place for a Democrat.

In a state that's a Republican stronghold, local Democrats usually find themselves on the sidelines as races play out in GOP primaries.

Winners often emerge from those primaries because Democrats long shots at best don't bother to challenge Republicans in the general election.

And too often, Republicans even find themselves unopposed in primaries, as well, which allows them to elude spirited races and meaningful debate.

At least the GOP primary has contested races this year in southwest Kansas. With scant few Democratic candidates involved, a number of area lawmakers will be selected during the Aug. 7 GOP primary.

As that happens, Democrats don't have to be left out.

Those who want to have a say may change their party affiliation to Republican to vote in the primary. Tuesday is the deadline to do so at the county clerk's office.

It's easy to see how Gov. Sam Brownback's push to oust moderate Republicans who would stand in the way of his radical agenda has become a rallying cry for Democrats to pursue such a switch.

One such key race has Republican Larry Powell of Garden City, a Brownback ally, hoping to unseat Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton a change we do not need.

As a leader in the Statehouse, Morris could be counted on to work with colleagues of all political persuasions to get things done. While Democrats may not agree with even a moderate Republican on many issues, they at least should appreciate such a sensible approach to governing.

By changing their party affiliation for the primary, Democrats could join many Republicans also eager to make a stand against the extreme right's attempt to seize control in Topeka.

Of course, the notion of Democrats switching over has irritated ultra-conservatives in the state who, after all, have done their best to suppress future votes with Voter ID and like strategies.

Surely reasonable Kansans have had enough.

Too few people vote as is. All registered voters regardless of their party choice should have an opportunity to make a difference in the election process.