Food costs take a toll

Tim Huelskamp, I found your views on May 12 a waste of ink and paper and hope it wasn't written at the expense of the taxpayers. Where were you in 2008 when a gallon of gasoline hit record high prices? The same as today I know what Tim wants to be. But after reading his views he has left me feeling like he was an air traffic controller who fell asleep in the tower back in '08 and he has been crashed out ever since. I hope you have woken up hungry for a $1.29 pound of bacon because the 2011 price tag will open your sleepy eyes when you see it three times that now. If gas had done the same thing, it would be over $12 a gallon. If Tim can't remember back to '08, let's go back to the first of 2011. Gas was $3.50 a gallon, now look at the prices of a few food items. A pound of pork chops was $1.99, a can of corn was 50 cents and a bottle of syrup was 99 cents. Now a gallon of gas has gained 40 cents, now look at what the food items did in the same time, a pound of pork chops has gained $1, a can of corn has grown 20 cents and the bottle of syrup has done the same as coffee. So, do the math and be glad that gasoline hasn't done the same thing as what fuels the human body. I find it unbelievable Tim has been to 13 town hall meetings and no one has brought up the price of food compared to gas. Since '08, the start of rising food prices, most of the working people have seen raises in their incomes. But yet the people on fixed income haven't had their incomes fixed since the end of '08. So who do you think plans the fixed incomes' menu? Mine is the Dillons weekly sales circular, if it's not on sale, I can't afford it.

As for Obama's John Hopkins speech, it gave me hunger pains and an earache. When he said he feels for the people who have a long commute, he knows what it's costing at the pump. Then he said that might mean their families might have to cut back on food or medication. Wrong answer, Obama, no parent should send a kid to bed hungry with an earache from an ear infection because they filled the gas tank over an $80 bottle of antibiotic. It is time to get people who think like that and are three years too late out of our government because we can't afford them. SSI and Medicare are back on the cutting block with the cost of living compared to what it costs back when it got its last raise, what is there to cut? If a cut is made to SSI, it could be life-threatening to the elderly, the people we have been taught to respect back when we still had the golden rule.


Garden City

SAFE Night to remember

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to those involved with the SAFE Night (Seatbelts Are For Everyone) at Kenneth Henderson Middle School May 12.

The students at each booth were very helpful and eager to tell us about the event. They did a wonderful job.

The whole idea of getting this kind of information out there, to parents and their kids, is fantastic. Especially the emphasis on "Don't Text and Drive" and the effects of alcohol, the drunk goggles are an eye opener. If you haven't had an opportunity to try them, you need to.

My son was able to see what to do in certain emergencies, things he wouldn't normally know about, but was able to watch first hand and walked away with life-saving skills.

The demonstration with the teenage drunk driver ... wow. Very moving. I hope it made many people stop and think. We must take every opportunity to speak with our children about drinking, texting and driving, drugs, etc.

My sincerest thanks go out to KHMS SADD, Garden City Police Department, Garden City Fire Department, Finney County EMS and the Health Coalition. You did a wonderful job.



Garden City