ESPN college basketball analyst – and Naismith Hall of Famer –Dick Vitale called his first Wichita State game in roughly three decades on Tuesday night when WSU played host to Alabama. Here are some highlights:

On Koch Arena and its fans

“It gets really loud in here, the fans really get after it. You have that kind of success, you have these kind of crowds.”

On WSU transfer and ex-Kansas guard Conner Frankamp

“You know who’ll be here this time next year? Conner Frankamp, who can flat-out shoot the ball ... comes over from Jayhawk land.”

On WSU guard Fred VanVleet

“Preseason All-American? You want to be a postseason All-American! I’ll tell you what, VanVleet wants my job ... he loves the microphone!”

On WSU’s undefeated regular season in 2013-2014

“You think about 35-0 last year, that’s unbelievable. That’s never happened. That’s just unreal.”

On WSU matching up with Top 10 teams

“Size will hurt Wichita State against a Duke, Kentucky or Arizona. Those are teams that are strong in the interior.”

On legendary WSU forward Xavier McDaniel

“When I was here years ago I saw a guy, Xavier McDaniel, who led the nation in scoring and rebounding … first guy to ever do that.”

On WSU coach Gregg Marshall

“Gregg Marshall is one of the premiere coaches in the nation What he did at Winthrop was unreal … nine years, seven NCAA Tournaments. Unreal.”

Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells and Vitale are friends

“They’re playing like a former Wichita State football player, Bill Parcells! Parcells, he played here!”

On his reception from WSU fans at a book-signing

“They treated me like royalty … Bob Buford gave me two checks for $20,000 … class act, Bob, class act. Great Christmas present.”

When Alabama was up 51-40 with 5:43 left

“It’s Trouble City right now for the Shockers. A lot of my buddies who really know basketball, they said it’s gonna be blowout city ... not the case. College basketball, you better come to play, you better respect everyone.”

On the MVC’s greatest players

“Think of the MVC, you think of Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird ... you talk about Xavier McDaniel, Hersey Hawkins. You could make a heck of a team.”

On WSU guard Ron Baker

“Baker is a potential NBA player. He’s got NBA ability… he’s a tough, hard-nosed player. This kid is a legit big-time player, and what I love about him is his toughness.”

After WSU’s 53-52 win

“Heartbreak Hotel for (Alabama coach) Anthony Grant. Heartbreak Hotel.”