In reply to your editorial of June 1, 2009, you are placing blanket blame on all people who disagree with killing unborn babies.

People who are pro-life do not want murder committed against anyone, whether it is a pre-born child or a 67-year-old man. The man who carried out this act was clearly disturbed and not acting at the behest of any pro-life group.

You called Mr. Terry's statement that Tiller was a mass murderer, hate-mongering and terrorism, but I have to ask how you would label the deaths of 60,000 babies over a period of 35 years.

Every one of those abortions cost a life. In this instance, 60,000 lives.

The rhetoric in your editorial has been spewed across the airwaves and blogged on the Internet all day today, and probably will continue. Unfortunately, that won't stop the abortion industry from the heinous acts it commits every day.


Garden City