My husband and I were traveling to Dodge City on Nov. 20 from Lamar, Colo. Not a long trip, but a busy trip. We were headed out to the national falconry meet in Dodge, a trailer in tow with hawks, falcons, dogs and several other assorted critters, when we stopped at Wards Landscaping to pick a few things up. When we got ready to leave, our truck would not start. So we headed back in and Mike Ward immediately got us a repair shop. He called H H Repair in Garden City. They came ASAP and began to work on the truck. It was the starter and Jeremy from H H ran all over Garden to find us a starter. Eureka, he found one and proceeded to get the job done. Once he was finished, we ran around Wards to give our thanks and headed to H H to pay our bill; everyone there was also very nice, not to mention they even gave us permission to hunt on their property with our hawks. After that we were on our way again and worked out well.

A big thank you to all the folks and businesses that helped us enjoy our trip worry free. It is nice to know that there are still people and businesses out there that really do want to help. To all a happy holiday season and thank you again.


Lamar, Colo.