Murray prepared to tackle issues

When my friend, Roger Murray, filed as a candidate for city commissioner, I was pleasantly surprised since I believe he is the type of person we need on the commission! He and his wife, Wendy, and son, Tucker, live at 1630 Johnson, in the proposed flood plain FEMA is trying to stick down our neck. He's running for commissioner as a way of paying back the benefits he and his family have received from this community.

Born in 1954, he grew up in St. Francis, Kan. After high school, he lived in Goodland. and worked for Sherman County. Later, he moved to Tribune, where he was Transportation Director for the school district, and operated his own private vehicle repair business. Here since 1996, he managed the Ryder Transportation Company until 2002 when he began his own business, Bulldog Truck Service and Repair.

Roger is quite concerned about the FEMA flood plain threat and feels we need a strong voice on the commission to prevent this change from happening. I believe he has the backbone to furnish leadership to the commission and the staff on this critical issue, as well as on the other problems our community faces.

He will work hard to stop the giveaway of city owned properties, and the waste of your tax dollars on frivolous photographs, etc, etc.!

He believes the Recreation Commission should have the armory for important youth programs and other activities, and will work to reverse that giveaway. Swapping the armory for the Legion Building seems ridiculous and will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Roger is sponsor and coach of one of the 4th Grade Odyssey of The Mind teams at Jennie Wilson Elementary School. This is indicative of his belief and support of educational programs for our youth.

He believes we must help local businesses grow and develop by providing city services in an efficient, fair and cost effective manner. Incentives and/or aid to new businesses should NOT be at taxpayer expense.

He believes we need a major initiative to fight drugs and street gangs so our city will be a safer place to work and live.

While quiet and soft spoken, I know he has the ability and courage to speak out for common-sense solutions that will make our community an even better place. I am truly impressed with his past employment and business experience, especially the many types of groups and individuals with whom he has dealt.

I hope you will join me in helping put him to work as one of your city commissioners.


Garden City

West is a former mayor of Garden City and chairman of the Knock-Out FEMA Committee.

Harness offers voice of reason

As a native Garden Citian, leader and educator, Nancy Harness understands the nuances of striking a balance between being progressive as well as inclusive. Her questioning of issues and willingness to look at more than one side serves Garden City well as we move forward in becoming the southwest Kansas community of choice for employment, the arts, education, recreation and shopping.

Attributes that make a difference with all elected officials are the ability to really listen, ask for clarification rather than assuming, and being reasonable in decision making that is reflective of what is best for the greater good. Those characteristics describe Commissioner Harness.

Important, too, is to have a passion for one's community, to not be content to step back and let someone else handle the challenges and then complain about the outcomes. Nancy has been active in Garden City through her professional employment as well as her volunteer efforts and various leadership roles. Her experience in city government, her obvious pleasure in being a true Garden City and Finney County ambassador to residents, visitors, and new and established businesses make Nancy a more than qualified person to represent us as a City Commissioner. On April 5 we urge you to vote for Nancy Harness a voice of optimism, reason and balance.


Garden City

Murray would get the job done

I have known Roger Murray for a short time as a golfing friend, but we have had some "sit-down" serious conversations about our community.

Roger has a heartfelt desire to serve our community as a city commissioner.

Roger and his wife have lived in Garden City since 1996. They have a child in our school system. He is a manager of a trucking business.

Roger has been and still is visiting with former commissioners and mayors and the city staff to touch on such issues as the city budget, policy procedures, our city work force, etc.

Roger is a "natural" worker and a "get-er-done" guy and he is my choice for a city commissioner.


Garden City

Fuller is a former mayor and city commissioner in Garden City.