Richmeier boasts relevant experience

I have known Susan Richmeier for around 12 years. As a long-time Garden City resident, Susan Richmeier is committed to the long-term well-being and success of Garden City and Finney County. Having served as a teacher, a coach and an attorney, Susan understands our community, its challenges and opportunities.

Susan is an experienced attorney with a background in criminal defense, specialized training in child abuse and neglect, and experience in the prosecution of juvenile offenders and child in need of care cases. Susan is a strong leader who cares about our community, who will make difficult but fair decisions, who can work well with others, and who will serve as County Attorney with integrity, confidence and reliability.

Susan has the knowledge and experience to serve as County Attorney. I support Susan Richmeier for County Attorney and I hope you will too.


Garden City

Experience key with Richmeier

Being successful as a county attorney requires more than just a law degree and law experience. It requires an individual with a well-rounded education and experience base, as well as the ability to lead, make difficult decisions, and work well with staff, individuals and the community. Susan Richmeier has demonstrated each of these skills.

As a former teacher and coach in USD 457, and as an attorney, Susan understands Garden City, our youth and our families. In addition, Susan is knowledgeable in child abuse and neglect and has served in the Cleveland County (Okla.) District Attorney's Office where she worked in the prosecution of juvenile offenders.

As a defense attorney, Susan knows what it takes to successfully defend or prosecute criminal cases and she has considerable courtroom and trial experience. This experience will help Susan as she works with her fellow staff members to successfully prosecute cases in Finney County.

I have known Susan Richmeier and her family for years. I have worked with both Susan and her father and know that hard work, dedication and leadership run in the family. I have complete confidence in her ability to successfully run the county attorney's office. I hope you will join me in voting for Susan Richmeier on Aug. 7.


Garden City

Richmeier promises professional style

We have known Susan Richmeier for many years and know her to be intelligent, honest, focused and fair. She has committed to an efficient and professional Finney County Attorney's office. Her background in education and child advocacy along with municipal and district court experience will serve the citizens of Finney County well. The role of a County Attorney should be to promote, improve and facilitate the administration of justice for the citizens of Finney County. A vote for Susan Richmeier for County Attorney will do just that.


Garden City

Richmeier ready to serve county

Susan is the best one for county attorney.

She is committed, experienced and ready to serve Finney County.

Voters, stop and think of all those times you complained about the current county attorney's office. Now is the time for change.

On Aug. 7 show your confidence in Susan Richmeier. Vote Susan Richmeier for county attorney.


Garden City

Supporting Drees for commissioner

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the voters of Finney County to seriously consider Duane Drees as our new County Commissioner.

I have known Duane for many years, and have had the pleasure to serve with Duane Drees on the Finney County Board of Zoning Appeals. On our board he is always a fair-minded and hard-working member who keeps the best interests of all Finney County residents in mind.

Please vote for Duane Drees for Finney County Commissioner on Aug. 7.

Thank you.


Garden City