Is it getting hotter or am I getting older?

When I was a kid I thought it was cool when the temperature reached triple digits.

Didn't stop me from going outside, in fact, I remember getting annoyed when my mom warned me about getting overheated.

Overheated? What was that?

I still played baseball and went swimming.

The hotter it got, the better the pool water felt.

It was summer, it was supposed to be hot. It wasn't like I had to sit in a hot classroom. I got to go outside, hang out with my friends and sleep in. What a life.

I never understood why my mom complained about the heat because I was enjoying it.

Times have changed, and I have aged.

It's not like I enjoy snow and ice and winter in general, but this heat is kicking my butt.

My days of playing ball and heading to the swimming pool are long gone, replaced by air conditioning and more air conditioning.

The most time I spend outside these days are either mowing the lawn or watching baseball games.

I don't mind it so much if I know I am going to work-up a sweat, that's what you're supposed to do in 100-degree weather.

I don't like feeling like I just took a shower just by walking to my car.

I don't like stepping outside and feeling like I am covered with a wet blanket.

I don't like working up a sweat just by breathing.

This has to be a sign I am getting older.

Weather, and our tolerance of it, are age-related.

Snow used to have a purpose.

It cancelled school.

It made great snowballs and better snowmen.

It meant coming in from the cold for Mom's hot chocolate.

Now, snow has new meanings and none of them end with hot chocolate.

It means hazardous driving.

It means shoveling snow.

It means scrapping windows.

It means getting cold and never warming up until spring.

Mother Nature is definitely for the young.

The extremes of cold and heat make me feel my age, and I don't normally consider myself old.

There are great things about summer. In our house it means baseball season.

Over the years we have sat through high-school baseball games in the spring that were better suited for football.

I have shivered in my winter coat, trying to focus on the game all-the-while praying for an early summer warm-up.

Then summer gets here, and I think about how nice the fall is going to feel when it starts to cool off.

Besides sounding old, complaining about the weather makes me hard to please.

Weather is the one topic everyone talks about and usually agrees it is either too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet.

These days it is hot and dry, and of course, windy.

The calendar says we still have half of July and all of August to get through before we can even think about a cool down.

Then we can start talking about how cold it is getting. I can feel it in my bones.

Patrick Murphy, of Columbus, Neb., is a former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.