Sherwood best choice to lead

We first met Brian Sherwood after a traumatic car accident late in 2010 when our family was hit by a drunk driver. We met with him several times prior to the preliminary hearing. The thing that most impressed us is that he always asked how we were doing prior to getting down to any business about the case. This was the darkest time of our lives. We were all seriously injured. What we needed in our traumatic state was someone who cared, someone who was knowledgeable to lead us through the process, someone who would support us through the process and someone who could make sure that the man who was at fault was handled fairly in the judicial system. Brian Sherwood was that man.

Brian is an honest, caring attorney who knows and does his job as Deputy County Attorney with heart and conviction. Finney County needs the leadership of an experienced prosecutor. He supports law enforcement and brings criminals to justice. Brian Sherwood is the right choice to write-in for County Attorney on Nov. 6.


Garden City

Allocate funds to treatment

The Garden City Telegram was quoted in the "Wichita Eagle" Oct. 29 re: misuse of the State's Gambling Revenues.

The "Eagle" quoted the "Capital-Journal" on the subject on Oct. 15, which I interpreted to mean calls upon the Fund to treat Gambling and other Addictions was short of the monies received. On that assumption I suggested to Gov. Brownback that some of the fund could go as grants to cities and counties to aid them in establishing different quarters for the many mentally and emotionally disturbed often arrested for law violations. These people need treatment more than incarceration and certainly do not need to be housed with murderers and other criminals.

You raise a different issue, misappropriation, which should not occur. On the other hand, cities and counties need help working with the mentally and emotionally disturbed, etc.



Pleased to see diverse events

Whoever thinks that Garden City is boring is wrong. Every week The Telegram has a list of events that are happening in Garden City for young and old. This past weekend I saw where they were having El Dia De Los Muertos Festival. I know they have them in Kansas City, but this was in Garden City.

Talk about diversity, there was food, music, entertainment for everyone.

I met many teachers who care about getting their students involved; the face painting was great. I saw some parents that looked like they wanted their face painted, it helped that the teachers had their faces painted. It was great for doing a fundraiser and for having history.

To the person who does not like diversity, you are missing out on meeting these people that may be different but have a loving heart.

Thank you.


Garden City

Too many falling for Romney pitch

I have been amazed at the throngs of middle-class people like you and me listening to the Romney/Ryan spiel. Promising everything, but explaining nothing. When exposed, the R/R plan is to trash the social safety nets, i.e. help for the poor, disabled and elderly, increase the bloated military budget, and retain those cute little tax breaks for the wealthy. And yet, those who will be most affected by these measures are the ones most eager to vote for them.

Dilbert's boss (in the comics) expressed a "Romney" thought. He said, "I don't worry about smart people. There are not enough of them to make a difference."

And so it goes.


Garden City

Richmeier offers solid experience

I have known Susan Richmeier and her family for 15 years. A valued member of our community, she is an excellent role model for her family, the community and her profession. Richmeier has the knowledge, maturity, experience and expertise to competently fulfill the responsibilities of the office of Finney County Attorney.

Qualities I most admire about Susan are her work ethic and her ability to come up with a workable solution to difficult problems. As a former teacher in USD 457, Richmeier is familiar with our community and the diverse population that makes up Finney County.

Susan Richmeier is an excellent candidate and I encourage you to join me on Nov. 6 to elect her to serve as our Finney County Attorney.