Event helps build awareness, raise support for good cause.

Pets and their people will again gather for a good cause.

Saturday brings the annual Paws for a Cause, a Dog Jog and Pet Expo event organized by the Finney County Humane Society and taking place at the American Legion building, 405 S. Main St.

At the start of the event, dogs and their owners can stretch their legs during the Dog Jog (actually a walk) covering one or two miles, from 9:30 to 11 a.m.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., pets and their owners can take in the Pet Expo, featuring vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, a pet costume contest, adoptable dogs and cats, silent auction and more.

Proceeds will help cover medical expenses for shelter animals, as well as costs to transport adoptable animals to rescue organizations and no-kill shelters that extend the lives of the prospective pets.

The event also has become a way to drive home the importance of responsible pet ownership in a community where far too many people allow their pets to run loose and multiply, or abandon dogs and cats for other reasons.

Strategies to control the extraordinary unwanted pet population locally have come from many angles. While a new city-county animal shelter to replace an outdated, rundown facility was an important step, other strategies include incentives for people who spay and neuter their pets.

Local humane society volunteers have many more ideas on ways to fix the problem, but cannot go it alone. Local officials should listen to their suggestions and consider supporting programs that have worked elsewhere.

Meanwhile, credit organizers of Paws for a Cause for raising awareness of the pressing problem in Finney County that costs the community in animal control expenses and beyond.

Their dedication to addressing the issue brings more proof that their love of animals knows no bounds. The same goes for many generous businesses and individuals who contribute in some way each year to Paws for a Cause.

Saturday's event promises a fun environment, and more importantly an opportunity to give less fortunate dogs and cats a second chance. Take time to check it out.