Garden City Community College recently bestowed Years of Service Awards for 2013 in a campus-wide celebration at the end of the spring semester. The awards were presented by President Herbert J. Swender for a total of 29 faculty and staff members who have served a combined total of 260 years. Awards were given for five, 10, 15 and 30 years of service.

The honorees included:

Five years

Sarah Wells, allied health coordinator; Rose Wilson, physical plant office manager; Tracy Munoz, academic building secretary; Juana Betanco, Project Destiny tutoring coordinator; J.D. Irsik, HVAC technician; Crystal Moore, assistant athletic trainer; John Cheney, physics instructor; Dawnnel Francis, math instructor; Amy Waters, nursing instructor; Abelardo Munoz, custodian; Nora Salazar, transition adviser; Whitney Corley, assistant women's basketball coach; Cindy VenJohn, agriculture instructor; Terry Crain, industrial technology instructor; Micah Kasriel, student activities coordinator; Ashley Rutti, administrative assistant to the athletic director; LoriLynn Landgraf, nursing instructor; and Cricket Turley, director of human resources.

10 years

Jayre Lee, assistant director of admissions; Jean Ferguson, ESL instructor; Brian McCallum, art instructor; Jill Lucas, financial aid adviser; and Dr. Jim McAllister, instrumental music instructor.

15 years

Deborah Robinson, business instructor; Ron Smith, security officer; Kay Davis, math instructor and division director; and Jana Ulrich, records assistant.

30 years

Kathy Winter, library secretary, and Larry Walker, English instructor and division director.