Soul searching for moderates

With the primary races over, I wanted to allow the moderate Republicans in the state of Kansas to have a few weeks to allow the results to sink into their psyche of what the results meant. To all the supporters of Steve Morris, Jean Schodorf and Ruth Teichman, I want to ask you a simple question. How does it feel not to have a political party to belong to anymore? The GOP party in Kansas is officially dead, and unless you are a nut case you are an outcast of the Republican Party. Bob Dole, Nancy Kassebaum and Bill Graves would have never won their political positions, much less win a primary under the new ultra-conservative freak show. Now, moderate Republicans, you can pretend that you agree with the tea partiers and support their ideas but the truth is they don't want you in the party at all.

Take a moment and think back to the attacks made against your candidate. Steve Morris was barbecued by the Koch brothers PAC attack ads so Larry Powell, who had sold his soul to the Koch brothers, could win. Powell has done nothing to help build southwest Kansas, while Morris worked hard at bringing jobs to this area and protect the people of southwest Kansas. Mrs. Schodorf and Mrs. Teichman also were dedicated servants to the people of their districts. I disagreed with many of their stances on issues but also knew that these people were practical and reasonable to do what is best for the state.

Over the next few weeks, moderate Republicans in this state need to stop and do some soul searching on whether you want to stay with a party that hates you, will treat you the way they would want to treat minorities in this state and will not ever listen to anything you want to say. Or you can change direction and realize that moderates and conservative Democrats in the state of Kansas can take back the state and get it moving back in the right direction. With their new power, those of you in the middle class get ready to see your property taxes take off as the state revenue is going to decline, the Legislature is going to defund education and every other state program, forcing the cities and municipalities to take up the slack by raising taxes. Meanwhile, corporate taxes will be totally removed and the rich will get richer. If you're a woman, you will become a second-class citizen in this state, losing all rights to your body. If you're a minority, the tea partiers will work to totally block your ability to vote or do anything without having your papers to prove who you are.

Moderates, think about and watch where your old party is now going and you will see that they are taking this state down the path to ruin. It is up to all those supporters of Mr. Morris, Mrs. Schodorf and Mrs. Teichman to do the right thing.