Thanks to The Telegram online and the Internet in total I have followed the Sunflower electricity generation issue in all its many iterations quite closely over the past several months. My reasons for doing so include an abiding interest in Garden City and western Kansas, my home for 36 years, plus a scientific and political concern for the integral climate change issue.

At this juncture my notion is that the recent decision allowing the construction of a single project with another not ruled out is the best that could be expected, and that, with the exception of the most radical environmentalists, that is the position of a considerable majority of Kansans. The purpose of these comments is twofold. One is to congratulate Kansas in keeping with its tradition of holding common sense in such an exalted position in societal affairs. It is reassuring in a time when change &mash; regardless of the consequences is the sacrosanct end. Two is to relay the good tidings that there are indications that such commonsensical attitudes are emerging across the planet and hopefully will eventually arrive in Washington, D.C. To learn more about the propitious omens I ask that you take two actions: Go to this Web site: for an article by Kimberley Strassel. And get yourself a copy of "Heaven And Earth" by Ian Plimer. Perhaps available at Finney County Public Library, your favorite bookstore, or do as I did, download it from the Internet. Here is an excerpt: "The Earth is an evolving dynamic system. Current changes in climate, sea level and ice are within variability. Atmospheric CO2 is the lowest for 500 million years. Climate has always been driven by the Sun, the Earth's orbit and plate tectonics and the oceans, atmosphere and life respond. Humans have made their mark on the planet, thrived in warm times and struggled in cool times. The hypothesis that humans can actually change climate is unsupported by evidence from geology, archaeology, history and astronomy. The hypothesis is rejected. A new ignorance fills the yawning spiritual gap in Western society. Climate change politics is religious fundamentalism masquerading as science. Its triumph is computer models unrelated to observations in nature. There has been no critical due diligence of the science of climate change, dogma dominates, sceptics are pilloried and 17th Century thinking promotes prophets of doom, guilt and penance. When plate tectonics ceases and the world runs out of new rocks, there will be a tipping point and irreversible climate change. Don't wait up."


Boquete, Panama