Morris embraces sensible goals

Every election is important, but, the stakes for Kansas could not be higher.

In The Telegram on Oct. 3, both 39th District Senate candidates were asked why they were seeking the state Senate seat.

Powell: He is interested in seeking the Senate seat because it is a "step up" for him.

Morris: He plans to seek the Senate seat because he desires to see the Sunflower Electric Power Corp.'s expansion plans at Holcomb come to fruition; oversight of development of a $650 million National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan; and advocacy for progress of the Kansas Department of Transportation T-WORKS legislation, which includes plans for a nearly $43.5 million four-lane expansion along nine miles of U.S. Highway 50 just west of Dodge City.

"Through my public service, I've pursued responsible public policy," Morris said. "I'm proud of my record of supporting conservative values and fiscal responsibility, good schools and infrastructure. I'll continue to fight for a tax and regulatory climate that protects taxpayers in southwest Kansas and encourage job growth in our part of the state."


At the present time, well-funded outside special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to defeat incumbent senators who put their local communities above the agendas of these special interest groups. These organizations, Virginia-based Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, are not friends of southwest Kansas; they want the revenue to go to the cities. They have picked Powell to push their agendas through.

Rep. Powell has been in the house for 11 years and has never held a leadership position. So when he said he wanted to be in the Senate because it was a step up, he was telling the truth. When he filled out his Americans for Prosperity Candidate questionnaire he listed his top five concerns. He ranked agriculture number five. Education did not even make the list! Is this really who you want representing you and your children on the state level?


Senate President Steve Morris does not stoop so low as to run a negative campaign. He has a record of which he is, and should be, proud. In 2011, Steve received national recognition when he was selected president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, an organization designed to serve and exchange ideas among all 50 state governments.

However, he has been the recipient of disparaging tactics from Americans for Prosperity, which mailed postcards attacking Republican legislators for supporting "Obamacare." A look at the voting record will show that every Republican in the Kansas Senate voted against Obamacare by passing the Kansas Health Care Freedom Act and they are standing in direct opposition to the president's healthcare plan. It is just one more lie in their armory of tricks. Please don't be fooled.

Go to to see his voting record.

Who do you want representing you a person seeking a "step up" in his political career or someone with concrete goals that align with the interests of southwest Kansans?

Please join me in voting Steve Morris on Aug. 7.



Morris serves local interests

We are very concerned about the relentless outsider interference in the Senate race in our region. Although we respect the right of all candidates to get their message out to voters, the shameless attacks on Senate President Steve Morris need to be challenged.

We trust that other western Kansans are as tired of outside influence as we are. Our own Sunflower power plant project comes to mind as a prime example of eastern Kansans and out-of-state interests dictating to us. Now, national organizations like Americans for Prosperity and the eastern Kansas-based (and Koch family supported) Kansas Chamber of Commerce are attacking one of our own. These groups do not have our best interests in mind, and serve only to benefit well-funded national and state influence groups.

We believe that our fellow voters in Senate District 39 also recognize the source of the negative campaigning against Sen. Morris. We encourage everyone to vote in the Aug. 7 primary, and let these groups know that we western Kansans are a proud, independent and forward-looking people who have the best interests of the people of Kansas and especially western Kansas at heart. Show them that we aren't fooled by slick fliers full of misleading and inaccurate statements.

Senate President Steve Morris has been a strong, knowledgeable leader serving the interests of western Kansas. Vote for Senate President Steve Morris as our state senator.



Garden City