LAKIN The Lady Broncs know they are a pretty good volleyball team.

The only thing they need to do is go out and prove it to themselves every match.

Lakin won both matches in a Hi-Plains League triangular Tuesday night, displaying the elements that got them to a 5-0 record in league.

Lakin won the opening match against Satanta 25-15, 25-16, scoring 14 times on serve. They overcame a sluggish start in game two, ending with eight straight points on Mariah Watkins' serving.

Against Stanton County, the Lady Broncs fell behind 12-7 before rallying for a 25-20 win in the first game, then stormed over the Lady Trojans 25-11.

Pretty good wins, but with lots of room for improvement, said Lakin coach Steve Davidson.

"I think we're very capable of being a good team. It's just all about being consistent," he said. "We struggled with errors. We want to be aggressive but we've got to do a better job of keeping the ball in play."

While undefeated in league play, the Lady Broncs are just 7-6 overall, and the reasons manifested themselves Tuesday in the form of correctable errors, Davidson said.

Those errors came early enough in both matches in the form of too many over-hit balls at the net landing far outside the lines.

"We make too many mistakes hitting the ball. In this game, it's all about momentum," Davidson said. "We've got to make the other teams earn some of their points instead of giving them away."

Davidson said he likes where his team is at this point in the season, but they can still change what he calls "fixable errors."

"We have some skills or mechanics that we can get a lot better at. Once we become more consistent with the little things, then everything else just falls into place," he said.

Senior middle hitter Darrie Rogers sparked the Broncs' decisive win over Stanton County with a number of huge put-away hits at the net. That final game showcased the team she wants to see each match they play for the whole match.

"I've been playing varsity since freshman year. This year we have the most potential we've ever had," she said. "We just need to put it all together. We always start off a little rough, but we caught up and played our best."

Satanta struggled in its opening match against Lakin, winning only five points on serve in game one and just eight in the second.

It was a different story against Stanton County in match two, though. They took their first lead of the first game on Lisa Medano's serve to go up 23-22, then won the game on Vanessa Caro's serve.

The Lady Indians lost the second game 25-23, again taking the lead late on Medrano's serve before Mauri Steimel served the Lady Trojans the win.

In the final game, Satanta pulled out early for a lead and held on for thesis.

Coach Ashton Wenta said she'll take the win and the split on the night but she wishes her team would get off to quicker starts.

"We have trouble starting. We start slow every game, and then we have to battle getting back up," she said.

Coming from behind seems to be her team's design this far, and it's only worked them to a 5-9 record. Coming out of the blocks with more enthusiasm and momentum would be good at this point in the season, Wenta said, especially with all the pieces in place, just not fitting together at the same time.

"I was pleased with our passing, and our hits were there," she said. "We were just slow getting started."

After losing the long match to Satanta, Stanton County (4-12) turned right around and faced Lakin, starting off strong. But coach Andrea Jones said her team just ran out of gas but she liked what she saw, even in the losses.

"They showed a lot of heart. We've struggled through the year so far, and this is the best they've played all year long," she said.