For Jason Brungardt and Carey Watters, competing at home on Tuesday at the Garden Bowl was like holding home court, or in this case, home lane advantage.

Two weeks earlier, the Garden City High School bowling team had traveled to Liberal for a dual with its Western Athletic Conference rival.

Then on Tuesday, the Buffs hosted the Redskins and Holcomb in a triangular meet.

The GCHS bowlers came away with a clean sweep of the three-game series by winning the boys by more than 250 pins while the girls, led by Watters' 589 series, rallied in the final game to overtake Liberal, 2,142-2,061.

Brungardt's 684 series topped the day's scoring as the Buffs easily defeated Liberal 2,625-2,358. Holcomb was a distant third in both divisions.

"I just kept my mind focused and made my adjustments," Brungardt said after rolling consistent games of 248-203-233. "Today, the lanes were similar to what they were (Monday) in practice."

On the girls side, it was Watters, a junior, who provided the big games for the Lady Buffs, rolling 211-208 in the final two games to help her team rally from a 36-pin deficit to overtake the Lady Redskins.

"It went pretty good today," Watters said of her performance. "Last week (at Great Bend, 348 series for 3 games) was pretty bad."

Watters said she knew her team was trailing heading into the final game but didn't know by how many pins.

"I just knew we were behind and we wanted to do the best we could," Watters said. "I was just trying to shoot across the lane with my hook and get the ball into the pocket."

She said bowling at home was easier than bowling on lanes that she sees just once a year.

"I'm just more confident and more aware of what I need to do here," she said of Garden Bowl. "I can make those changes much easier."

The Buffs will travel to Wichita on Saturday for an invitational tournament.



at Garden Bowl


Team Scores

1. Garden City 705-679-758--2,142; 2. Liberal 737-683-641--2,061; 3. Holcomb 647-620-646--1,913.

Individual Scores

Garden City Rikkie Hemmert 185-155-188--528; Ashley Kells 141-145-146--432; Carey Watters 170-211-208--589; Nici Hahn 155-157-165--477; Erika Motley 182-154-169--505; Sarah Ramsey 168-156-193--517.

Holcomb Ashley Foreman 189-183-181--553; Delicia Perales 137-134-149--420; Shannae Carman 137-125-133--395; Hayley Walck 169-178-145--492; Violet Ruiz 152-89-148--389; Samantha Wilken 128-111-168--407.

Liberal Kylie Jennings 216-190-160--566; Kimberly Vanley 194-173-151--518; Erica Fowler 183-165-175--523; Katie Jennings 125-155-129--409; Jessica Fowler 144-141-129--414; Madison Butter 135-140-155--430.



Team Scores

1. Garden City 2,625; 2. Liberal 2,358; 3. Holcomb 2,234.

Individual Scores

Garden City Theron Kells 211-145-215--571; Isaac Esquivel 197-214-194--605; Jacob Brungardt 248-203-233--684; Ryan Strasser 210-226-177--613; Justin Perez 224-223-224--671; Juan Ramirez 209-181-189--579.

Holcomb Bryce Schuetz 190-220-170--580; Andrew Walck 126-136-136--398; Dylan Knoll 141-120-198--459; Gavin Swan 178-135-181--494; Levi Swan 175-219-172--566; Chris Foreman 202-193-169--564.

Liberal Jeff Minor 170-171-203--544; Dylan Sandell 139-201-221--561; Hunter Sandell 162-180-132--474; Adrian Amado 162-232-187--581; Hunter Rinehart 145-164-201--510; Jared Hall 181-221-224--626.