WICHITA Standing in the south end zone 10 minutes after the game, Scott City Beaver football players, coaches and fans were trying to absorb the gut-wrenching 19-17 loss to Wichita-Collegiate.

There was Morgan Numrich, a senior lineman with his helmet clutched in his hand, hanging at the side of his sweat-soaked uniform despite a chill in the air. Another senior, tight end/defensive end Jorden Funk, who along with his defensive teammates had harassed Collegiate quarterback Blake Jablonski all game.

Yet, the sting of the loss was just starting to sink in before they headed to the lockerroom, then begin the four-hour bus ride back to Scott City.

"It's definitely difficult," Numrich said, as family and friends consoled him. "It's probably the last football game I'll play and that's why it hurts so much. We wanted to do more."

For Funk, the ending was more difficult as he was one of the main targets in the fourth quarter when quarterback Ron Baker was intercepted.

"It's never been this hard," Funk said. "I can't say enough for how we played. I wish (Collegiate) luck."

Funk said having just five days to prepare for what has been one of the most explosive offenses in Kansas football this year put huge amounts of pressure on each player.

"We haven't seen anything like this (spread offense) all season," Funk said. "I thought we had them, getting the lead, the defense forcing them to do things they hadn't done all season. They only got the one touchdown pass but it was enough."