Need to be fair on property tax

Sounds like we are entering a new era of increasing taxes, like we haven't been living in this same era. There is a big difference in having a tax increase during a growing economy and increasing taxes during a recession, or maybe a depression.

Seems like there are commodities that have escaped taxes even though they are in abundance everywhere. The items that I want to talk about are already overtaxed. That is the people living on Social Security and those with low incomes and a family. These people have no resources to compensate their needs. If they borrow money, they lose, and as prices go up they may lose anyhow. I don't know about the rest of the country but this area is in an inflationary recession. Everything keeps going up and only because it can as there is no oversight that has the ability to control profits. We have way too many people who say that the poor are that way because they want to be. Actually you better bless the poor because without the poor there would be no overly wealthy. These poor are the people that work. The wealthy don't work, they hire it done.

Property taxes on homes should be controlled by one of two things. One is age and the other is income. When the occupant's income drops below a level and/or when the occupant reaches 65, it should become fixed and the next controlling factor would be the income.

The most important controlling factor about any and all controls between taxable facilities is simply fair treatment. The one thing that comes to mind is income properties owned by nonprofit organizations, occupations or entities. The housing facilities owned by these entities may very well be exempt but the rental income from use, or activities, that generate income should be taxed the same as if it were privately owned. This includes cities, counties and governments. Fair play.


Garden City