Does anyone else have a police scanner in Garden City and is wondering what is going on with the transmissions?

When the city went digital we spent the money to update also. This was not cheap, but we wanted to keep up with what goes on in our part of town. But soon the Law Enforcement Center started to scramble all of their transmissions, not just a few sensitive ones, all of them. I sent a message to the police department asking about this, but received no answer. So, at this point, I am wondering why. Why no answer, why scramble what is going on?

Due to the cost of the new digital scanners, I doubt that many criminals have these, so it's not to keep them from listening. If we can listen to large cities all over the United States on the computer, why does our Law Enforcement Center think we do not need to hear what is going on in our town? Anyone else have any thought on this? We can't give the police our help if we are kept in the dark about what is happening and where.


Garden City