Glad to see The Telegram report on the problems at Garden City Community College, and as the late, great Marvin Gaye said "What's Going On." The black eye on the football and volleyball squads shows the impotence of others blaming someone else and not fessing up to the truth. Lies, miscontent, rumors, deceit, etc., and being an ex-alumni graduate and part-time employee (15 years), I was appalled and ashamed of all the problems, not only athletics but of one program and some staff that I know personally where there is lying and cover-ups. Some people don't like to rat or spill the beans, but there must be responsibility and heads may have to roll. Maybe ex-Coach Aslin is a Shanahan follower with the excuses he used, like having poor facilities and a longer contract, but I always thought recruiting and academics were important, and I feel for Coach Jay, yet Larson, ex-Coach Nic and the Registrar's Office should have been aware of the illegal player and slipping through the cracks is not a valid excuse, we don't need or want to be like Barton County and their basketball problems recently.

With the Trio program losing their grant a couple of years ago and the yearly Hispanic Day being changed to another name and then canceled, it seems it was not long ago that I took my mom in her wheelchair to receive a plaque from then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for starting Hispanic Day. Now even schools like Scott City would rather attend Dodge City than here.

Hopefully, in the future, the president and the board at GCCC can look into the problems and get them solved before it becomes headlines in the local paper. The Telegram is only doing its job and keeping the public aware of life here in Garden City, and we still need to support our local junior college and public and Catholic schools into being the best in the state. There are always weeds in a garden, but we must try to sustain and limit the damage it can cause.

Gracias for your time.


Garden City