Where is Wasinger?

A representative (a relative who hails from "back East") for candidate Rob Wasinger for the First Congressional District came calling at my home and I was intrigued by the information given to me. This information coupled with a Google search is very revealing. Especially interesting is the "credential" of being a Harvard graduate and the so-called congressional experience in a senator's office, all this time back "East." It appears that the candidate is really an East Coast transplant looking for a place to land here in Kansas. I am sure he is well educated and has many fine qualities, but I can't figure out where in the world he is!

This reminds me of that silly children's book, "Where in the World is Waldo?" For those who do not know, Waldo is a clown that shows up all over the place in disguise, somewhat like a hidden picture, and it is a game to find out where in the world he is. So Wasinger is at Harvard, then he is in Washington, then it is reported that he lives in Hays, and then, oh, no, he is living in Cottonwood Falls.

Where in the world is Wasinger? And just who is he? While Waldo may be silly fun for our kids, I think I need a serious congressman who is seriously from the First District.