To City Government regarding the FEMA Flood Plain:

1) This flood plan you are looking at needs a lot more discussion and getting to some of the problems like the sewer drains, they need to be cleaned out so the water can get out of town. We get a two- to three-inch rain and some streets are from curb to curb. Main and Fair, it takes two or more hours to drain off. Some other parts of town have a lot more problems, such as between Third Street and East Dillons. Some of these are real bad. The problems need to be addressed and fixed before you start telling the homeowners that they need to get flood insurance, and don't tack it on property taxes, they are too high now.

The flood insurance is not going to take care of the problem. The city cannot sit back and let FEMA say that flood insurance is going to fix the problem because the problem will still be there when it rains.

2) We need to get the river cleaned out so the water can go through town without being forced out of its banks and run all over town.

The City Government needs to get its heads together and use some of the money it uses for other things. These problems should be No. 1 on the list to keep the city high and dry. Forget some of the things in the planning stages.

Use some of the money you spend on consulting fees and use your own heads. It's our town, not theirs.

I know we voted you in office and we expect you to do your best. But when you use tax dollars to help fund these projects, I think the people should get to vote on it before it gets stuffed down our throats and we have to pay the price for something we did not want. I have taken pictures of Dodge City showing a clean river bed and ours looks like a dump. Forget the beautification projects for now and use the money we need to preserve and protect what we have.

This FEMA sounds like an insurance scam that will cost people already having trouble making ends meet. Use some common sense instead of consulting firms.


Garden City