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The Finney County Fair market wheat show is set for July 24 to 28. Although the 2013 wheat crop will not set any records, we do hope for a quality wheat crop, even though harvest is a week or so away.

Speaking of wheat, don't forget to stop by your local grain elevator or the Finney County Extension Office to pick up the crop data cards for your county fair market wheat show entries. Once again, the Garden City Co-op will provide assistance at the wheat show during the fair.

Deadline for turning in the samples of wheat will be Monday, July 8. Samples should be provided in a stable plastic bag along with the crop data card. The grain will be taken to the Kansas Grain Inspection Service office in Dodge City for analysis and official testing. The samples and their testing results will be ranked and displayed July 24 to 28 at the Finney County Fair. Contact the Extension office for more information. Be sure to bring in your entries for other crop divisions also.

Market wheat show rules as will be printed in the Fair Book:

Absolute entry deadline will be Monday, July 8, to the Finney County Extension Office or any Finney County elevator.

1) Exhibits shall consist of five pounds of combine run (not screened) wheat.

2) All wheat exhibits must be produced during the current year.

3) The five-pound sample in any container must be submitted to the Finney County Extension Office or any Finney County elevator no later than Monday, July 8.

4) All entries must be made by variety name or number.

5) All entries must be combine run; hand picking and/or screening are not allowed. Also cannot be run through any type of dockage machines.

6) A farm may have more than one entry, but only one entry per variety.

7) Top scoring entries will automatically be retained by the Finney County Fair and entered at the 2013 Kansas State Fair.

Finney County Fair Foods Contest

* Public Service Cookie Jar: Entries are to be in a clear, gallon-size, decorated jar filled with assorted homemade cookies. The jar should contain not less than five kinds of cookies of a good serving size. The top individual cookie jar will be presented to the Holcomb city mayor. The top cookie jar in the group class will be presented to the Garden City mayor.

* Kansas Soybean Commission Bakefest: The Kansas Soybean Commission will sponsor the Soybean Bakefest held during the Finney County Fair. Entries in this contest must contain one or more of the following: 1/2 cup soy flour, 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup textured vegetable protein (100 percent soy). Soy flour, soy milk and textured vegetable protein are available in health food stores and some grocery stores. All the classes require a written recipe with the brand or source of soybean product noted on the recipe. Classes for the soybean contest include Quick Bread, Yeast Bread and Cookies.

* Great American Foods Contest: All exhibits will consist of one "Happy 100th Birthday Kansas State Fair" Cake. Cakes are to be made of Styrofoam. Cake decoration must be edible and applicable to real cake. Classes consist of Individual, Youth and Group.

* Wilton Decorated Cake and Decorated Cupcake Award: Awards are offered for winning decorated cakes and decorated cupcakes with some type of bag and tipo or rolled fondant cake decorating. All exhibits will consist of one cake with two layers, or one cupcake, from scratch or mix, any flavor or variety.

* Ball Fresh Preserving Awards: Food preservation awards will be designed for foods preserved in a jar. Entries must be preserved in Ball jars with seals.

For more information on any of these, refer to the 2013 Finney County Fair Book at

Finney County Fair photography contests

* Great American Photo Contest should reflect "Home Grown Recreation and Entertainment." Designed to show what a great place Finney County is to live. The theme encourages photos of music or other local events where music is performed, local events, sports and other cultural events. Photo must have been created within the geographic boundaries of Finney County.

* Friends of Sandsage Bison Range Photo Contest: Shoot the refuge, any animal or plant of the refuge but no bison, a tour activity or guide at work, the habitat or the seasons. Be creative and be certain your photo was created at the refuge. Photo needs to be taken since the close of the 2012 County Fair.

* Friends of the Lee Richardson Zoo Photo Contest: Photo must have been taken inside Lee Richardson Zoo after the close of the 2012 Finney County Fair. The theme for 2013 is "Animals of the Zoo." Photo may include people but the primary focus/subject of the photo should be the great animals at the zoo.

For more information on these, refer to the 2013 Finney County Fair Book at

KAMS program

The Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services is a service available to Kansas residents who would like assistance with resolving all types of agricultural-related issues. Agricultural producers, their lenders and other people who have received an adverse decision from any of the USDA agencies including Farm Services Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development are encouraged to utilize these services.

KAMS is the USDA certified state agricultural mediation provider for Kansas. KAMS helps Kansans with resolving a wide variety of issues that affect their daily lives. These could include agricultural credit issues, farm foreclosures, USDA Farm program and Farm Loan Program decisions, USDA Rural Housing loan issues, USDA Risk Management issues, and USDA Natural Resources and Conservation Service decisions. The KAMS staff attorney is available to visit with callers, confidentially and at no cost, regarding any agricultural legal or financial issues, including such topics as answering questions regarding USDA denial letters, clarifying confusing paperwork, understanding appeal options available, agricultural credit situations, property right issues, farm foreclosures and landlord/tenant disputes.

KAMS specialists provide initial information and guidance at no cost through a toll-free hotline, 1-800-321-3276. A statewide network of cooperating agencies and programs includes a pool of trained agricultural mediators, Kansas State Research and Extension financial consultants and Kansas Legal Services. To find out more about mediation and KAMS, continue to explore the KAMS website at