Workers comp reform lauded

On behalf of the members of the Kansas Society for Human Resource Management (KS SHRM), I would like to congratulate the Kansas Legislature and Gov. Brownback on their passage of comprehensive Workers Compensation reform legislation this past session. As a human resource professional in the state, I witnessed firsthand the issues that recent court decisions were having on Kansas workers and employers. Legislative action was timely, as the courts' interpretations have cost Kansans' jobs. The unanimous passage of HB 2134 reflects the bipartisan support of the overhaul and the positive impact passage of the reform legislation will have on the people of Kansas. This is an excellent example of all parties working together for the betterment of Kansas commerce. Thank you, Gov. Brownback and Kansas legislators.



Hamel is director of the Kansas State Council of SHRM Inc.

3i Show move tied to casino

My grandfather, Dale Fry, was one of the founding fathers of the 3i Show. He and others started the show to showcase the industries of southwest Kansas. It started as a traveling show and evolved into staying in Garden City and Great Bend. Now, with the casino in Dodge City, my personal feeling is that the decision to move to Dodge full time is to promote that entity. I cannot envision a crowd of people walking through rows of vendors in the middle of July in 100-plus degree heat. The casino will be cool. With this move, I feel like the whole intent of the founding fathers, and my grandad, has been kicked to the curb. I hope that the 3i Show will survive because I can remember how intent Grandpa and my dad, Melvin, were to showcase southwest Kansas industries.


Garden City