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Dear Citizens,

While our efforts did not result in the $50,000 from the July Pepsi refresh project contest we had hoped, our final 53rd place ranking out of 1,000 nationwide contestants speaks to the Windsor Hotel's importance and support.

Another try in the future may be warranted but for now we will move forward with the Heritage Trust Fund Grant work taking place now and the Transportation Enhancement Grant which will follow. This will result in a weather-tight, structurally-sound structure ready for the next improvements.

The Alliance has several grants in progress and fundraisers in the works. The fall will bring a rummage sale in conjunction with Fall Fest in September followed by Haunted Windsor Tours in October with the Wichita Paranormal Research Society's documentary filming in November.

Near at hand, anyone interested in all things Windsor Hotel can join us Saturday, Aug. 13, for the organizational meeting of the Windsor Ambassadors. This group will become the troupe called on to help conduct tours, learn the back stories of the Windsor Hotel, and move the Windsor Hotel renovation forward as educated advocates of the project.

The gathering at 10 a.m. at Downtown Vision office will offer homemade pastries, fruit and drink and a behind-the-scenes tour of current grant work. Please, join us. Help make the place we call home better! Call me if you have questions.



Garden City

Harness is president of the Finney County Preservation Alliance.

Spending spurred serious problems

Mr. Rodenbur ("Huelskamp failing people he serves" 8/2/2011) does not speak for everyone in the First District. Huelskamp won in a landslide election, and is very quickly becoming recognized nationally for his commitment to getting America back on track. We should be proud of him for standing up to the old-school politicians and the president who got America in this mess. He wants to be a part of the solution, rather than an idle wallflower who just goes along to get along.

A simple review of the Congressional Record would show that the House of Representatives has passed several bills that will get our economy moving again, legislation that reduces the grip of the government on businesses trying to create jobs. Unfortunately, the Senate takes its cues from the president, and will not take them up. What the House has not done thankfully is sign off on another one of the president's "jobs" bills. With that trillion-dollar boondoggle, the president promised unemployment wouldn't ever go above 8 percent, yet here we are with nearly 30 straight months of unemployment well above that. His stimulus failed, showing that more government spending is not the answer to getting the economy back on track. Yet, the president wants to try the same thing again. The odds of that working are slim to none.

What Mr. Rodenbur does not get is that Social Security and Medicare are on a path to bankruptcy and simultaneously are the biggest reason America faces financial doom. The next generation will be lucky to have them. Medicare is in a state of perpetual deficits, spending more than it takes in. Politicians of the past of both parties decided to treat Social Security as a slush fund. And, no one talks about the fact that even though people are "paying in" to the system, the return is much larger than the actual amount contributed.

Mr. Rodenbur is ignoring the bigger picture. The country is drowning in trillions of dollars worth of debt, yet he and other old-school liberals want to go on with the same type of spending that got us here in the first place. Something has to give, that's the only way our children and grandchildren might have a shot at having better lives. Does he recognize that with this newest debt limit increase each American owes $54,000 to the government? If Mr. Rodenbur is so anxious for the government to spend so much, I'll gladly send him the IOU the federal government issued on my behalf.


Garden City