Dear partners,Congratulations on helping celebrate 30 years of public radio on the High Plains. Saturday, June 26, drew celebrants from as far away as Anchorage, Alaska, and as near as across the alley. This reflects the passionate support our purpose of school, library, concert hall and Chautauqua draws on to make the station possible.A regional community of individuals has created a service unique to our area that mirrors their desire for impartial intelligent radio. High Plains Public Radio is testimony that collective effort works and perseverance can overcome challenges.The station continues to gather memorabilia and recollections for the time capsule for its 50th Anniversary in 2030. Come by the station, 210 N. Seventh in Garden City, or leave something at our Web site,, to be included for your future selves.Particular thanks to the sponsors who made the event possible. Special thanks to the vendors and musicians who enhanced the experience.Again, through your effort HPPR will continue serving listener-determined needs into the future. We're looking forward to the journey.DON HARNESS,Garden City