Dear citizens,

Our annual meeting is Jan. 26 at 6 p.m., please join us. It will be at the Downtown Vision office, 413 N. Main. Thanks, for all of you whose memberships are helping make the best of the past part of the future!

For many years, the community has worked toward the adaptive reuse of this National Register-listed hotel, one of the most outstanding historic buildings in Kansas. The Windsor Hotel followed Kansas statehood by 26 years and both have bright futures because of individuals like you.

The Finney County Preservation Alliance's developed phased plan will see great strides forward in 2011 with expenditure of the $824,257 in 2010 grant awards. Finney County Historical Society's endorsement by earmarking the Katherine Stacklejohn Funds toward the 20 percent match required by the Heritage Trust Fund grant and the City of Garden City's agreement to sponsor the Transportation Enhancement application were essential for the grant's success.

This collaboration of public and private interests, and the general populace's endorsement of the project is what makes renovation within sight.

Join us at our annual meeting to hear fund-raising efforts that will be pursued in 2011 and should you want to become more involved with the Alliance consider joining the board and help propel renovation of the Windsor Hotel to completion.

The Finney County Preservation Alliance is striving to make preserving the past and community part of our legacy.



Garden City

Harness is president of the Finney County Preservation Alliance.