Grateful for help with pet

To the people who are tired of all the negativity in the media, here is a truly sweet story.

I would like to thank my friend, Carole (you know who you are) for coming to the rescue for a little cat I found last winter. There was snow on the ground, and I kept seeing this little kitty that was apparently abandoned and starving. I took her to Dr. Rodney York, who I would also like to thank. He told me that her kidneys were badly swollen due to dehydration, and that she might not survive. He is an excellent veterinarian.

I had already looked all over and called people who might want to adopt her.

She was really skinny, with bones poking out everywhere, and I was afraid she might die. I called Carole and told her about the cat, thinking she might adopt her. Well, I got the most unbelievable answer I could ever imagine. She said, "Lyn, if you will keep this cat, I'll pay for whatever it needs." Cost was one of the main problems for me at that time.

Well, I took her up on it; because that was one of the reasons my husband wouldn't let me have another pet.

The kitty started putting on a bit of weight, although she is still quite small due to stunted growth after almost starving, she is quite healthy now and so sweet. This cat will even let you rub its belly. She still looks like a baby kitty. Without Carole's kind deed and Dr. York's help, this kitty would not have survived.

She has had all her shots and has been spayed.

If you can, please adopt an animal who has no voice. Many of the animals who arrive at the shelter have already been neutered or spayed, so please help these friends.

Thank you to all the people like Danna Jones, Ellen Geier, the people at the shelter, Dr. York and all the others who foster and work tirelessly for these "forgotten" animals. You wouldn't believe how much they love you for it. All they want is a home.

By the way, my kitty's name is "Lucky" because she truly is and so am I. Thank you Carole for your huge heart and thank you Dr. York for all you have done, you all are truly angels in the struggle of life.


Garden City