Americans have talked about, criticized and worried about health care reform for decades. Policymakers, economists, lawmakers and patient advocates have called for health care reform for too long. This year, there's real opportunity for fixing our broken health care system. We can't allow politics to stand in the way of real reform.

We need reform that provides health coverage for everyone and ensures access to a patient-centered medical home where a personal physician can meet most of our health needs. We can have that reform with passage of legislation such as the Affordable Health Choices Act being debated in the U.S. Senate. This proposal would provide coverage for everyone through employers, the private market or a public plan that offers options while preserving the marketplace. It supports primary medical education, breaks down the barriers to becoming a primary care physician and expands patients' access to health services.

If we want meaningful reform, we need to let our senators know we support this legislation. It's time to stop playing politics and solve the health care crisis. We must find a uniquely American solution that controls skyrocketing health care costs and gives our patients peace of mind when it comes to their health care.