As you know, in the month of August, Congress will be voting to change our health insurance. (This is Obama's doing.) He is trying to get it passed fast before the ones in Congress have time to read through all of it.

This change will be bad for all of us, especially bad for seniors and handicapped people. The rest homes will have to take more cuts (and they already have a hard time staying open). Also, for the people who are not seniors it will be bad for them, too, as there will be cuts on their insurance also.

The insurance will be run by the government. They will be in charge of your health. In this change your doctor will be picked out by the government unless you are able to pay for a high-price plan. It will be very similar to the plan Canada has. People there often have to wait up to one and a half years, or more, before having surgery (if they are still alive). That includes heart, hip, cancer, etc. We know quite a few Canadians that we have met in South Texas. They have sad stories that they have told us. A lot of them come across to the United States instead of waiting. It costs them more, but they do get their surgery taken care of instead of waiting. Would you want to wait if your illness might be life threatening, or hard on pain?

The Republicans are voting "no," also some of the Democrats are voting "no." So please, do yourself a favor, and us also call your congressman and senators to let them know that we approve their "no" vote. It will not cost you anything, and will only take a few minutes to make the call. We also say our name as that makes it more positive, please do this. You might have to make the call again after a few minutes, if the line is busy, but they are working fast to take your call. You will be glad you did this, for yourself and family. We need the cost of medicine and health insurance lowered, but not like this. It needs to be thought through. Maybe even a vote, for us to make.

Call Congressman Jerry Moran, (202) 225-2715; Sen. Pat Roberts, (202) 224-4774; and Sen. Sam Brownback, (202) 224-6521.


Garden City