The race to succeed U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback will be decided on Aug. 3 for the Republican Party. Both Congressman Jerry Moran and Congressman Todd Tiahrt have served Kansas well.

While both men are undoubtedly conservative, a number of issues stand out in Moran's favor. Moran has consistently shown strong support for Kansas agriculture through his service on the House Agriculture Committee. Moran recognizes agriculture as the strength, stability and economic backbone of our rural Kansas economies. As such, he continues to work to lift trade embargoes, improve crop insurance and educate his colleagues about the current financial strains faced by our friends and neighbors. As a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee, there is no doubt that Moran serves as quite an asset in Kansas's quest to implement and express the importance of strong agriculture policy in an increasingly urban Congress.

Furthermore, Moran does not hesitate to diverge from partisan politics when voting on misguided legislation as evidenced by his votes against policies such as "No Child Left Behind" and the massive, deficit-growing spending programs such as Medicare drug benefits.

Jerry has clearly demonstrated a strong record of helping Kansas's First District. Not only has he represented and provided for the unique needs of our rural state and district in Congress, but he enthusiastically attends countless state and local events throughout the year as an expression of his support.

Finally, a distinction that speaks highly of Moran and truly sets him apart from many of his colleagues is his willingness to make weekly trips from Washington, D.C., to Kansas in an effort to keep him in close touch with his constituents. These self-imposed trips give him the opportunity to converse directly with Kansans and help him to better understand the impact Congress has on individuals back home.

I am convinced Moran will maintain this connection if elected to the Senate and will continue to work diligently on our behalf.

Please join me on Aug. 3 in voting for Jerry Moran for Senate. It will be the right choice.