Time to fight for freedom

Let me start by saying that I welcome anyone that comes to this country legally if your goal is to become a citizen of the United States and you desire to live by the laws of the United States. Additionally you must be willing to respect the culture of Americans.

The official language of this country is English. This country is being divided into multiple cultures when we should be working to support a unified culture of Americans.

Americans should not be expected to learn the culture and language of every immigrant. It is the job of the immigrant to learn the culture and language of America.

If you are not willing to salute the American flag and honor the American respect for the flag and the values this country was founded on, then please leave our country and return to the country you fled. If you are an American citizen and you find it offensive to salute the flag and honor the values of this country, then perhaps it is time for you to become an immigrant in some other country.

We have sat here quietly for so long we are now beginning to lose our freedoms that our ancestors fought for. We currently have men and women fighting for freedom all over the world, but maybe it is time we all stand up and fight for our freedom at home.

It used to be a crime to burn the flag or damage it in any physical way. Now the flag is burnt, spit upon and disrespected every day in this country by immigrants and dissidents, where do we draw the line? How can we stand by and watch one more soldier die or come home disabled trying to protect the freedom of other nations when we no longer have the morality, the fortitude or the strength to stand as a nation and say no to illegal immigration, no to slowly eliminating the English language as the official language of this country, no to unlimited spending, no to legislators and the president when personal agenda is more important than the good of true citizens of this country.

I would like to thank Mr. Art Gomez for his comments. I am sure he is catching a lot of flak over his view but it is certainly nice to know that he is willing to support the values of this country. It does not matter if Mr. Gomez was born in this country or if he immigrated, the point is he supports the values we should all support and he was not afraid to stand up and be counted. Stand up, be heard and build a stronger America.


Garden City

Better to slow down

Anyone with any intelligence should know that raising the speed limit will only perpetuate the consumption of fuel. Most all new vehicles have a fuel mileage indicator and know that the faster they drive the more fuel the vehicle consumes. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat argument. Why in the world are our legislators wasting their time and my time by passing legislation that will increase the speed limit? For once I would like to think that they would appeal to their common sense and spend their time on some other issue.

If the "Boys of Topeka" want to do something to either bring down the cost of fuel or limit accidents, allow your vehicle to get better mileage, "slow down the speed limit." Duh.

Many thanks.


Garden City