Comprehensive plan burdens taxpayers

Facts about Garden City:

1) 2008-2009 City spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the 2010-2020 Comprehensive Plan.

2) 2008-2010 City had endless town hall meetings, newspaper articles and other media touting how great it will be for Garden City emphasizing the first phase was Quality of Living.

3) Feb. 4, 2010 Ordinance 2469-2010 officially accepted the 2010-2020 Garden City Comprehensive Plan; April 16, 2010 City Commission unanimously voted to create the "Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee" consisting of five citizens and eight representatives from various commissions. Local citizens selected were one person from USD 457, both owners of the most successful real estate business in the local area, one professional consultant and ex-economic development director of Wichita and one local business person. (I am not sure how this makeup represents the average citizenry of Garden City.) Said commission was to meet quarterly and advise the City Commission and Planning Commission on recommendations, progress, concerns and questions. I have been on the Planning Commission for three years and have requested reports from this committee and they are never forthcoming. Nor is there a report from this committee mentioned in any of the Meeting Reports to the Garden City Commission. Late 2011 or early 2010 the City Commission unanimously agreed to provide a 25-year, rent-free lease for a hangar at the airport. The city picks up the maintenance costs, snow removal costs, apron maintenance, etc., etc. The city also gave written permission in the lease for the lessee to rent/lease/sub-lease and pocket all profits associated with this hangar. The city not satisfied with their expenditures of taxpayer money decided to do The Great Garden City Land Give Away. Soul intent was the creation of affordable housing. An agreement was entered into that gave the land on Campus Street to a developer. Since then, within the last month, the developer has requested from Garden City, at least twice, to agree to modifications of the original contract. The City has agreed in both situations at the expense of the taxpayer. There has been no action on the Comprehensive Plan except to permit and pursue zoning changes which directly benefit real estate agents and developers many times at loss of property value to adjacent property owners.


Garden City

Poor time for Sunflower project

With the economy the way it is, this is the worst possible time for Sunflower Electric and their partners to be spending $3 billion in a huge coal plant. While Sunflower continues spending the money, the bill is becoming more and more expensive and somebody is going to have to pay.

We need a population vote of the area serviced by Sunflower Electric, and that vote needs to include a user vote on this plant expansion project, plus the inclusion area for pollutants of the exhaust area surrounding the plant for more than 50 miles, that would include all pollutants discharged from the plant. I have never seen any test results on this issue.

The users of electricity from the Sunflower Power plant located in Finney County need to have a group of interested people to request a hearing about the concerns of getting a permit for any construction, air, water, pollution or emissions or any other concerns that people may have. You may write to Larry D. Lowry, Bureau of Air, 1000 South West Jackson, 310, Topeka, KS 66612-1366. If you want to fax your hearing request, fax to (785) 291-3953 and we need to notify before Nov. 30.

If a hearing is conducted, all interested parties will be given a reasonable opportunity to present their views orally or by submission of written materials during the hearing. In order to give all parties an opportunity to present their views, it may be necessary to request that each participant limit oral presentations to a specific time limit. You have an opportunity to join us or notify Mr. Lowry.


Garden City

Must accommodate disabled residents

Did you know that on North Third Street on the east side of the football stadium there are parking places for the handicapped?

Do you also know that on the east end of the stadium there is a very nice area for the handicapped to sit that consists of a cement raised area for chairs and a guard rail all the way around?

There are just two problems:

1) There are only four handicapped parking places for cars to park. But that is all right because there are only four handicapped people in Garden City who want to watch football games.

2) The second problem is not with the area where the handicapped sit, but with the young people who are not handicapped who think this area is a playground and they stand along the front guard rail and keep that area blocked so no one can see the game.

Am I the only person who is concerned about this? Is there a workable solution?


Garden City