Junior Leadership Corps (JLC) program instructors, Steve Smith from Kenneth Henderson Middle School and Brad Hill from Horace Good Middle School, participated in training sessions on July 28 and 29, in which they learned how to use the newly updated curriculum for the program. They also trained on the integrated technology system, Insight 360.

Insight 360 is a revolutionary classroom instruction system that engages students in multiple ways during lessons with mobile interactive whiteboards (Mobis) and remote devices students use to enter responses (Spark 360 clickers). Both students and instructors benefit through increased engagement, content retention, and feedback.

The Garden City JLC program is part of the larger National Middle School Cadet Corps (NMSCC), which serves to support middle school leadership programs throughout the country and the Commonwealth of Saipan.

Sally Cauble, representative to the Kansas State Board of Education, was instrumental in bringing the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC), a leadership and character development program, to the high school, and JLC, a middle school leadership program, to Garden City in Jan. 2011. Cauble visited the training session and was impressed with the enthusiasm of the instructors, their commitment to students and their style of teaching that engages the students in their own learning.

Dr. Darren Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services, also visited the training and was impressed with the critical thinking this curriculum prompts in the students, as well as the staff’s use of technology, the innovations in the classroom and the teaching strategies that benefit students.