Last year I was elected to serve on the Labette Community College Board of Trustees in Parsons. During our monthly board meetings the trustees have to approve the college's check register. I noticed missing check numbers in the check register. After a short investigation of the missing checks, I found a college check made out for $500. The check was labeled "campaign donation." It was used to repay the college president for a donation he had made to a political campaign.

I checked with the Kansas Attorney General's office and was advised two Kansas laws were broken with this donation. First, it is illegal to repay someone for a campaign donation. Second, it is also illegal to donate public tax dollars to a political campaign. I decided to make this information public.

All heck broke loose. I was being attacked by the college president and his powerful supporters. Somehow, State Sen. Tim Huelskamp found out about my problems. Without my prior knowledge, he contacted the local press and explained how he helped to write these laws and indeed he believed the laws had been broken by the college president. His phone call to the local press turned the situation around.

Huelskamp did not have to get involved and donate his time and effort in this case. He walked the extra mile. I will be sending him a campaign donation. Huelskamp is exactly the kind of person Kansas needs in Congress representing us. I would urge you to support him.