The Finney County Extension 4-H Cloverbud Club is organizing for the

new 4-H year. The club, for children age 5 to 7, will meet at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday in the Grandstand Meeting Room at the Finney County Fairgrounds.

Youth need to be officially enrolled or RSVP intent to the Extension

office by 10 a.m. Tuesday to necessitate setup and supplies. Youth

interested in enrolling need to fill out a 4-H Cloverbud enrollment card

and 4-H participation form. Parents are encouraged to stay for the


In 4-H Cloverbud Club settings, adult and teen volunteers serve as

leaders to help children do all kinds of learning activities. The

children are provided an opportunity to learn to be together, share,

have fun and gain some experience socializing, all in a non-competitive,

friendly atmosphere. The club meets to study fun topics of interest

such as space, small animals, foods and nutrition, gardening, crafts,

pets and more.

For more information, call 272-3670, email or visit