No harm in requiring ID

Kansas should become the first state in our nation to implement a comprehensive plan in identifying its citizenry. We all carry a driver's license, isn't that a form of identification? We should all have and carry a valid Social Security card as long as it's not a forgery. When you come to the United States you should have proper identification as to who you are in our state or for that matter in our country. Why are passports issued? Isn't that a form of ID when you travel abroad?

With terrorism increasing in our country, positive proof of identification should be mandated for all walks of life within the borders of our state and our country. Do you have any idea how many terrorists come into this country disguised as people from Mexico or South America?

We are so afraid in this state and in this country of ours that we are going to offend someone if we ask for proper identification. If people coming to this country get offended because they are required to obey the law; that's what it takes to be here legally. Furthermore, if they don't like our laws and they feel they don't have to abide by our laws, then why do they come here? I don't get it ... many come to this country seeking a better life than they had back in their homeland; why then, must they come here expecting they don't have to adhere to our laws? If you were to go to Germany do you think the Germans would allow you to vote without proper identification of being a naturalized citizen of Germany? If you say yes, you are either naive or ill informed. Here's another example ... go to Mexico and get stopped for a traffic violation, do you think they won't ask you for proper identification?

If I get pulled over for a traffic violation (tail light not working or running a red light) I don't become offended when the officer asks me for my identification, registration or proof of insurance ... I'm obeying the law. I am complying with the officer's request which is his duty as an officer to see that I have the proper credentials. So let it be mandated that you have to have proper identification for voting, applying for a job, applying for social services and entering our schools. What is wrong with that?

We need laws to assure that voting fraud will be stemmed by enacting laws requiring proper ID or credentials. We are so bent on being politically correct in this country that we are afraid we might slight someone if we ask for proper identification. People from other countries come here for a better life as our ancestors did, but we came here to be proud citizens of the greatest nation in the world. Do we have to bastardize our laws for a few votes? When you come to this country, leave the laws of your land behind where you came from ... this is America.


Scott City