Last summer, when I completed my musical "Dream Your Dreams: The Buffalo Jones Story," I had hoped we would be able to mount a full-scale production of the show, with all box office receipts going to the United Way. To have a show, we must have actors, actresses and a variety of helpers.

The auditions on Monday and Tuesday did not produce enough folks to cast the show, so we are making this last appeal via this letter asking for help to make this a reality.

Jones' saving the buffalo from extinction is of historical significance world-wide; helping establish our community and ensuring its survival also deserves recognition and acknowledgement!

We appreciate those who have auditioned thus far and hope that more folks will come forward to participate. All of the roles are still uncast, including a variety of "limited dialogue-limited singing" ones, and numerous "walk on" parts for crowd scenes. We won't twist your arm or ask you to do anything above your own chosen ability level.

Please call our Director, Brian Seagraves, at 276-1200 or 290-6990, Bruce Spiller, our musical director, at 276-7824 or myself, Duane West, at 276-6754 for a specific time for auditioning this Sunday afternoon or for further information.

Participation in a show's "world premiere" is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so bring your family and come help us make a bit of local history right here.


Garden City