The house is a bit of a mess these days.

My wife has decided to remodel the upstairs bathroom, the one we use the most, the one my daughter occupies several times a day to put on her makeup, do her hair, adjust her makeup and check her hair.

I don't mind too much when my wife takes on these projects. She likes to do them, and I like to stay out of her way.

I come home from work to see the bathroom in various stages of tear down.

The reports I get indicate the previous owners apparently liked to take shortcuts or did not know exactly what they were doing because the project is more difficult than expected.

For two days, the wallpaper was removed, holes filled, walls cleaned, base board taken off and cabinets and mirrors taken down.

That's kind of where we are at now.

The bathroom is in flux, put together just enough to accommodate us mostly my daughter.

There is a mirror propped up and just the necessary sundries for our daily use. Anything needed beyond toothpaste, tooth brush, mouth rinse, deodorant and contact lenses are in the hallway or an adjacent bedroom.

We will make do until the project is finished. So far, complaints have been minimal and would not speed up the process anyway.

If my daughter thinks this is bothersome, just wait until she goes to college and has to learn to use a common bathroom and shower facility. I can't wait to hear those stories. That may be her biggest adjustment to living away from home.

I think my wife finds this type of work therapeutic. She enjoys redecorating or remodeling, fixing up things. She excitedly tells me all she wants to do and her vision for how it will look.

I'm sure it will be great when finished.

Luckily she married someone who doesn't interfere and enjoys letting her creative energies flow.

I'm needed just in case there is any heavy lifting to do or things to move or if there is some other task I can do that won't mess up the project.

I came home from work one day and she had the supplies purchased and was ready to go to work.

I have no say in colors or styles or what's being done. And like a good solider, I put up little fuss. I wonder aloud about the colors, but am told everything will look great. I take her word for it. I really have no choice since it is her project and she's foreman and laborer, so she ought to be the architect and interior designer, as well.

She is usually the one who picks out color schemes. I have input, but really my wife is the one who matches colors and looks.

It has been that way since the beginning when she picked the color we should paint out first house and every house after that. She decides what colors and how the house will be decorated.

My wife moves furniture around in rooms. I just have to pay attention enough so I don't try to sit down and end up on the floor.

So this latest project is just another way she makes our house a home.

Patrick Murphy, of Columbus, Neb., is the former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.