This Earth Day, Finney County Transit reminds Kansans in Garden City that riding public transit saves individuals $9,293 annually.

Individuals who ride public transportation can save on average $9,293 annually based on the April 5, 2010, national average gas price and the national unreserved monthly parking rate. On a per-month basis, transit riders can save on average $774 per month. Over the past month the cost per gallon of gas has increased 13 cents.

The Transit Savings Report, released monthly by the American Public Transportation Association, calculates the average annual and monthly savings for public transit users. The report examines how an individual in a two-person household can save money by taking public transportation and living with one less car.

The savings amount is based on the cost of the national averages for parking and driving, as well as the April 5 national average gas price of $2.83 per gallon for self-serve regular gasoline as reported by AAA.

Taking public transportation provides a safe and affordable way for individuals and families to cut costs. In addition, local public transit offers a travel option that has an immediate positive impact in reducing an individual's overall carbon footprint while helping reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

Garden City has an affordable public transportation system in our Finney County Transit's City Link fixed route service and the Mini Bus ADA Paratransit door-to-door bus service for individuals who are disabled and unable to use the fixed route. Celebrate Earth Day 2010 by using public transportation in Garden City April 22.


Garden City

Burgardt is director of Finney County Transit.