Ideal time to laugh out loud

Laughing out loud. Think about it. When was the last time you had the pleasure of that experience? Well, your opportunity has arrived. Allow me to explain.

Last fall, Oct. 7, my friend and I decided to tough it out after a challenging day for both of us and go downtown to check out the rec center play at the State Theater, a comedy titled "Bloody Murder." We found some seats off to the side and settled in. The house lights dimmed, the stage lit up and the performance began. No less than one-fourth of the way into the play we found ourselves fully engaged and ... laughing out loud with the rest of the audience. The laughter continued throughout the entire performance. When the house lights came on at the end of the play, we found ourselves walking out like everyone else, fully refreshed, grinning from ear to ear and realizing that "theater is alive and well" at the State.

Opportunity knocks again, for laughing out loud. The acting crew from the Garden City Recreation will be presenting the comedy "See How They Run" downtown at the State through Sunday. Join us as we laugh out loud again.


Garden City

Much improvement in beef products

Pink Slime. Where did this come from? Think about it, it's beef. There had to be a very mad person to come up with a name like that. If people only knew what the past was in the meat industry compared to now. The beef is so much cleaner now than in the past. I was in the meat business for 40-plus years and some of the things that were done then, there would be convictions and fines now.

In 1958 in meat school, the ground beef was one-fourth water. We took 75 pounds of meat and added 25 pounds of ice and ground it together this made 100 pounds of saleable product. The ham salad sandwich spread was all the moldy and outdated product ground together. The relish and mayonnaise was added, along with red food coloring. The old lunchmeat was a sad gray in color, but the red food coloring made it a bright red.

They came up with a "soy protein concentrate" to add to ground beef, three pounds of soy would absorb 12 pounds of water. Mix that in 35 pounds of beef, you had 50 pounds of saleable product. These things I'm throwing out are a tip of the iceberg from the past.

Pink Slime is a political ploy to tarnish the beef products business. I like beef and eat a lot of it. What would you think if a quarter of beef was on your table and you had to trim crap from the inside of it and boot prints off of the outside to clean it up. Think about it.

A meat cutter for 40-plus years,


Garden City