I am writing about an organization that needs your help for a good cause. My husband is a World War II veteran and he was flown to Washington, D.C., to visit the memorial and other sites at no charge. It was not paid by taxes but was paid by donations from people who appreciate what the veterans had done for their country. It is called the Honor Flight and it is based in Great Bend. They have already sent a lot of veterans but they want to continue sending all the veterans who have served their country, even the ones who are serving in Iraq, but they need donations to keep the program going.

If you would like to give a donation to honor someone in your family or a good friend who has served their country, it would help someone else to get the feeling of appreciation that my husband has for his visit. If you would like to donate to this organization, the organization is the SW KS Honor Flight. The president is Michael S. Waters and the phone number is (620) 546-3509.

The next trip is planned for the last of October, and if any World War II veterans are interested in this, it is a trip that you will never forget. If you need to take someone with you to help you in any way, they can use caretakers but they have to pay their way. I hope we have enough people around Finney County and the neighboring counties who care enough to help.

If you would like more information about this program, they will come and speak to organizations about this program. If you would like to contact me, my phone number is 276-6906. Thank you.


Garden City