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Cimarron-Will Pingsterhaus

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

Will Pingsterhaus is a well-rounded guy, as evidenced by his inability to narrow down his list of favorite school subjects to just one.

He liked his psychology class, but it wasn't the only class he enjoyed.

"I loved learning about different mental disorders. I also really enjoyed my art and Spanish I class," the Cimarron High School graduate wrote in a questionnaire provided to The Telegram. "Physics was also a really fun class. Our teacher always made class enjoyable."

He did, however, identify his least favorite subject.

"English classes were always my least favorite because I hated reading for accelerated reader and correcting sentences for bell work," he said.

That might explain why he plans on attending Dodge City Community College and majoring in mathematics with a minor in art.

He said he hopes to get a degree in secondary education.

Pingsterhaus has been attending Cimarron schools for six years and previously attended schools in Dodge City. He graduated from Cimarron High School with a 4.0 grade-point average and was valedictorian of his class. He was also on principal's honor roll for four years, the Blue Jay Invitational all-academic first team, scored exemplary on his state assessments, was a Kansas and Dodge City Community College honors scholar and A-team for four years.

In addition to his academic honors, Pingsterhaus participated in basketball, football, KAYS, FCCLA, foreign language, forensics, C.L.A.S.S., and was a member of National Honor Society.

Whether it's lifting a light pencil to draw or heavy weights to bulk up, Pingsterhaus enjoys doing both.

"I really like to draw, especially comic book characters," he said. "Another hobby I really enjoy is weight lifting. I really love trying to look like a body builder."

His fondest memory happened away from school, at the Nazarene Church lock-in. "While attending, I was able to finally dunk a basketball," he said. "I also enjoyed the moment at the lock-in when a crowd gathered around me while I was beating the high score on the punching bag machine."

If Pingsterhaus could tell incoming freshmen one piece of advice, it would be to pay attention.

"Communicate with your teacher, ask questions and take thorough notes," he said.

For his fellow graduates, he shares this: "Set goals because if you don't, you will not be successful. I would also tell them to draw close to God for guidance in your life."

And how would he like to be remembered? By his name, of course.

"I want to be remembered by my nickname (Superman), and remembered as a nice guy who was always trying to help and be a friend," he said.

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