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Holcomb-Nicole Sabourin

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

For Nicole Sabourin, golf means a lot.

The graduating senior at Holcomb High School cites the sport as one of her favorite hobbies, and her fondest high school memory was made on the greens.

"My fondest memory of high school was state golf," Sabourin wrote in a questionnaire provided to The Telegram. "At state golf, I made a lot of friends and became very close to my golf team. Even though we didn't place, I had a lot of fun and learned to handle pressure."

Sabourin also handled the pressures of the classroom, earning a wealth of academic honors. Those honors include a spot in National Honor Society, being an academic letterman, University of Kansas honors, valedictorian, a Kansas State Department of Education Exceptional Academic Performance for her 32 ACT score, all while maintaining a cumulative grade-point average of 4.0.

While she excelled in many classrooms at HHS, Sabourin's favorite class was calculus.

"My favorite class was calculus because I love math. Also, calculus can be applied to everyday situations," she wrote. "My least favorite class was government because I didn't like remembering and learning facts, and I didn't really use this knowledge for application."

Sabourin will, however, get a chance to put her smarts into practice as she heads to Kansas State University to major in architectural engineering.

"I plan to use my degree to improve buildings and make more efficient structures," she wrote.

The avid golfer, who plays the sport because of its calming effect, also enjoys a good book.

"Another hobby I have is reading. I love reading because I learn tons of new things when I read," Sabourin wrote.

As she looks back on her time in the USD 363 district — Sabourin attended Holcomb schools since the third grade — she has some advice for her fellow graduates.

"Utilize the lessons you learned in high school and keep your mind open to the new lessons you'll learn," she wrote.

Sabourin wrote that she hopes she is remembered by her peers as "a kind, considerate person who treated all of my classmates well."

For freshmen set to begin their high school journey, she also has a few words of wisdom.

"Keep your nose to the grindstone," she wrote. "It will pay off in the end."

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