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Ingalls-Michelle Wehkamp

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

For lifelong Ingalls resident and student Michelle Wehkamp, the reality of attending a small school where everyone knows each other is among her fondest memories of her time at Ingalls High School.

"Some of the best times and greatest laughs came from the time spent chatting or walking the halls with my classmates," Wehkamp wrote in a questionnaire provided to The Telegram.

She leaves Ingalls with a grade-point average of 3.982. She was a perennial honor roll student, as well as a University of Kansas Honor Scholar, Dodge City Community College Honor Scholar and recipient of the Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education Award. She also has been part of National Honor Society for three years.

Wehkamp speaks from personal experience when she advises incoming freshman to get involved and enjoy high school and all it has to offer.

She has been a cheerleader for four years and was cheer captain her senior year. She also ran cross country for three years and qualified for the state meet her junior year and also lettered in track her freshman year. In addition to athletics, Wehkamp has been on the yearbook staff throughout her time in high school, was a class officer for three years and a member of the high school band for two years and the choir for one.

Some of these activities speak to her favorite hobbies.

"I love to dance," she wrote. "I've been a student at Steps Dance School for the last eight years studying jazz, ballet and lyrical jazz."

For her, the hard work and long hours required to practice and prepare a performance are challenging but gratifying, "and the adrenaline rush that comes when performing is second to none."

Wehkamp also helps out on her family's farm.

"I think having farm work experience is a great foundation of work ethic that will be beneficial in future jobs," she wrote.

She plans on attending Kansas State University to pursue a degree in advertising.

"I chose advertising because I feel like I will be able to do well in a career path that involves a little creativity," she wrote.

Wehkamp hopes to be remembered as hard-working, friendly and sincere by her classmates, and has some words of encouragement.

"Hard work above all else is the true way to the top. ... Achieving a goal may come harder for some, but hard work and diligence will get you to the point you want to be."

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