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Holcomb-Gabriela Armendariz

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

Show Gabriela Armendariz a process and she'll follow it through.

Armendariz, a graduating senior at Holcomb High School, wrote in a questionnaire to The Telegram that she prefers math to English because of its consistency.

"My favorite classes are math because there is a set of steps that can be followed to reach the right answer," she wrote. "However, in English, my least favorite class, everything is vague and open for interpretation."

There's no misinterpreting Armendariz's successes in the classroom, given her laundry list of accomplishments and activities. Armendariz earned University of Kansas honors, was an academic letterman, was a member of National Honor Society and was salutatorian of her class.

The accomplished student spent a lot of time excelling in other avenues, taking part in a plethora of activities: cheerleading, dance team, scholars bowl, Kansas Association for Youth club, student council, Odyssey of the Mind, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, her church youth group, a summer mission trip, Big Brothers Big Sisters, All-American cheerleader, 2011 Fiesta Queen and as the class president — all while maintaining a 4.0 cumulative grade-point average.

"I enjoy cheerleading and being involved in my school. It gives me the feeling that I belong to the community," Armendariz wrote.

Her favorite high school memory?

"My most memorable moment of high school was when my friends and I tagged a number of students' cars with cupcakes," she wrote. "I loved that we were able to keep it a secret until graduation."

As she wraps up her Holcomb educational experiences, she hopes she is remembered fondly by her peers.

"I would like my high school classmates to remember me as a kind and dedicated person. I hope I was able to brighten someone's day every once in a while," she wrote.

For incoming freshmen to the high school, Armendariz offers a simple bit of advice.

"Enjoy it. Don't let the drama and the homework be all you experience; it goes by way too fast for that," she wrote.

For her cohorts in the USD 363 graduating class of 2012 — a school district she's attended throughout her academic career — she offers an adage to live by.

"We have made mistakes during high school, but we must learn from them. Graduation wasn't the finish line; it was merely the start of another marathon," Armendariz wrote.

As she looks to the future, Armendariz plans to attend Kansas State University and major in business management.

"Ever since I was little, I always told my parents I wanted to start my own business," Armendariz said. "While I may not open my own business, I think I would enjoy running one."

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