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Moscow-Emily Hittle

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

While Emily Hittle, Moscow High School graduate and valedictorian, had her share of adversities in her final year of high school, they not only made up her most memorable moments, but they also helped solidify her future plans.

Despite suffering two athletic injuries, she still found her senior year to be her favorite.

"I was released from my ACL injury to play most of volleyball season and half of basketball season before tearing the other ACL," Hittle wrote in a questionnaire provided to The Telegram. "The volleyball team won our home tourney. We also had the best record we have had while I have been in high school. Also, in basketball we won the Rolla tourney."

She said that her experience with her injuries helped her to decide which career path to follow.

"I'm going to attend Seward County Community College in the fall. I'm majoring in nursing," she said. "I have always been someone that likes to help people, and after my injuries, the nurses were so calming that it reassured my desire to be a nurse."

Hittle graduated with a 3.92 grade-point average, was on the superintendent's honor roll, in the KU honor program, was a governor's scholar and received the KSHSAA Citizenship Award.

Her least favorite course was history, while her favorites included math, science and anatomy.

"I guess the dates of history just never really stuck in my mind," she said. "My favorites were math and science. I have always been good with numbers. And anatomy was really interesting to me, which was great for nursing."

Additionally, she was involved in volleyball, basketball and track. She also was in Kansas Association for Youth club, band, student council and was a member of the school's yearbook staff.

"I also was able to go to Germany my junior year in a student exchange program," she said.

She also enjoys any outdoor activity.

"I enjoy riding four wheelers on trail rides in Colorado. I like to hunt and fish. I like going to the lake and swimming," she said.

To incoming freshmen, her advice is to enjoy it because it goes by fast.

"And don't slack on the grades your freshman year because it may hurt your transcript. Don't sweat the little things," she said.

Her advice to fellow graduates is, "There will always be 'speed bumps' in any path you take, but always know that there are forks in the road that will take you to the place you want to be."

Her plan after attending community college is to transfer to a university and get a bachelor's degree in nursing. She hopes to be remembered for maintaining a good attitude.

"I want to be remembered as the girl who tried to smile through everything and find the positive out of whatever was thrown my way," she said.

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