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Healy-Alicia Barnett

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

Having attended Healy public schools since kindergarten, senior Alicia Barnett of Healy High School prefers to go with the flow while giving 100 percent to anything she does.

Her advice to her fellow graduates is "grow where you're planted."

In a questionnaire she submitted to The Telegram, she wrote, "I hope each of my classmates already learned that no matter how small the population is around them, there exists a chance for success and harmony, as long as everyone works with the flow instead of against it."

As for how she would like her classmates to remember her, she said, "I want to be remembered as the mature young lady that never wanted to be sorry about giving her full effort to anything she attempted."

The 2012 class valedictorian, her academic honors include National Honor Society, Board's Honor Roll and Superintendent's Honor Roll. She has a weighted grade-point average of 4.133 and a non-weighted GPA of 3.917.

"I love school, but my favorite class would have to be personal finance because it's preparing us for life experiences that are not easily visible right now," she said. "My least favorite classes would be math or physics due to having to solve challenging problems."

During high school, she was involved in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, student council, student volunteer organization, and speech and drama.

Her fondest memories of high school happened on the court.

"Even though we weren't winning, the team still knew how to have fun," she said.

Small-town life poses no obstacle to Barnett enjoying herself, either.

"I enjoy going to the movies with my friends and driving around the big town of Healy for hours," she said.

Her advice to incoming high school students is to never give up.

"High school can be stressful at times, but continue to keep your head up and reach for the stars," she said. "Live life to the fullest now because as we hit our senior year, reality hits us even harder."

Her plan after high school is to attend Southwestern College in Winfield, where she will major in elementary education, with a minor in leadership.

"I want to have the ability to say, 'I taught those children how to read and write,' because they will use those skills I taught them throughout their entire lifetime," she said.

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