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Cimarron-Abby Thompson

Published 5/29/2012 in Youth In Excellence

Abby Thompson hopes to one day lead symphonies in great music halls around the world.

Thompson, a Cimarron High School graduate, plans to attend Kansas State University in the fall.

"I hope to graduate with a degree in music education, then use my knowledge to educate students about the wonders of music. After many years of teaching, I plan to obtain a master's and doctoral degree in conducting," she wrote in a questionnaire provided to The Telegram.

She was a member of National Honor Society, Tri-M (Modern Music Masters), KAYs, Students Against Destuctive Decisions, FCCLA, C Club, band, choir, student council, and was editor of the school newspaper. She also participated in track and cheerleading.

Music, reading and riding four-wheelers are her hobbies.

"Music, in general, provides an escape from my hectic life, but making music is one of two obsessions I have. Reading takes me from my own life and transports me somewhere else with every new book."

She's a big K-State Wildcat fan.

"I attended the K-State vs. Texas football game in 2010 on a college visit and fell in love with K-State. I now keep up with every sport, but football and basketball are my favorites," she said.

Thompson, who graduated with a 4.0 grade-point average, said her favorite classes during high school were physics and English.

"I had a very inspiring teacher in physics who helped me become interested in a subject I thought I would absolutely hate. My English classes, although very trying sometimes, were always exciting. I am extremely interested in literature, and I love to read. Things like grammar and comprehension have always come easy to me, and throughout high school, I learned to love reading and writing even more," she said.

Her least favorite class was math.

"Math has always been a sore subject for me. My teachers were always very patient and helpful, but I was usually the last to grasp the concept of the day in the classroom. Math has definitely taught me to be patient with myself as not every student learns at the same pace," she said.

Thompson's fondest memory was the final spring concert in May.

"I was able to conduct my own high school band in a piece that we had prepared in the months prior. It was an experience I will never forget that brought me to tears on stage," she said.

She wants to be remembered as a leader, someone who paved the way for future musicians, and someone who was enthusiastic about life.

She advises incoming freshmen to use time wisely and try everything. To her fellow classmates, she said remember to be thankful.

"Don't ever forget to thank the people that helped make you who you are today," she said.

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