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Youth In Excellence

Every high school has it's ‘shining stars’ and here we've gathered stories about those students. Selected by their schools, two students from each, these are the best and brightest.

Our congratulations go out to these shining examples of academic achievement, personal excellence, community mindedness, and motivated leadership.



Cimarron-Abby Thompson

Cimarron-Will Pingsterhaus

Deerfield-Bridget Crandall

Deerfield-Ty Stelting

Dighton-Hannah Speer

Dighton-Loretta Harmison

Garden City-Blake Stucky

Garden City-Sarah Ramsey

Greeley County-Carissa Ochsner

Greeley County-Kennedy Schneider

Healy-Alicia Barnett

Healy-Kylan Bennett

Holcomb-Gabriela Armendariz

Holcomb-Nicole Sabourin

Hugoton-Avory Stegman

Hugoton-Laton Heger

Ingalls-Christina Wyatt

Ingalls-Michelle Wehkamp

Lakin-Jarett Sauer

Lakin-Shane Davidson

Moscow-Alexandra Davidson

Moscow-Emily Hittle

Satanta-Alan T. Caro

Satanta-Eli Stalker

Scott Community-Catherine Huck